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Teaching and translating English and
all major foreign languages since 1990
Classes are taught naturally, just as you learned your first language, and conducted solely in the language under study. All teachers are trained native speakers with a university-level education. Lesson are given in private classes, semi-private classes (for 2 or 3 persons) and in groups of 6-10 students. Class materials consist of student workbooks and audio tapes and selected publicly available materials for advanced students. Classes are available for beginning, intermediate and advanced students.

English classes focus on speaking, understanding and writing English and include both ESL & TOEFL preparation and tutoring.

Foreign languages include French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. Other languages are available upon request.

Children's programs are different, because children learn differently from adults, and include introductory and beginning courses as well as courses to maintain or develop fluency and writing skills in the case of children who already have a foreign language.

Programs are oriented around what you would like to learn and how you learn best for either business reasons or for personal enrichment.

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