Languages & Services Inc.


Teaching and translating English and
all major foreign languages since 1990
ILS can translate your documents in any language and has assisted clients with translations in 32 languages over the past two years.

ILS has long-standing relationships with outstanding translators in a wide range of languages and disciplines. Translators are selected according to their expertise, such as law, banking, general business, marketing, medical subjects, etc. In short, the translator's language and area of specialization is matched to the requirements for your translation.

Translation prices can vary widely depending upon the complexity of the document to be translated (medical translations, for example, are more expensive than birth certificates in any language), the requested turnaround time and formatting requirements. ILS always tries to negotiate the most favorable terms for its clients in selecting translators. Overall, translation prices are based on the word count in the target language, not on the number of pages because a page can have 10 or 1,000 words.

When requested, translations are accompanied by a notarized sworn certificate of true and correct translation. All translation subjects and types of documents are welcome.
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